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Bachelor's Degree thesis #1 (2015-2016)

Cathegory: Bachelor"s degree thesis development

Studies: Bachelor"s Degree in Industrial Electronics and Automation Engineering

Title: Development of automation features in Mastercam X9 for generating warped surfaces from point clouds

Description: There exists an initial stage in reverse engineering in which a surface is digitized by means of a sensor and the coordinates of the points are acquired into a CAD system which is capable of representing them graphically and generating a surface fitted to the points cloud. Some commercial applications can face with this task effectively, but they are specialized in design and not in manufacturing. In this project, it is necessary to face with a problem related to the integration of non-contact digitizing sensors in CNC machines without using CAD systems. Instead, Mastercam X9 will be used, which is a CAM system specialized in the tool-path generation of milling operations in machining centres. In particular, the project should focus on automating the process of transforming point clouds into sculptured surfaces by developing VBNet routines. An additional objective could be to develop other routines for the automated generation of machining tool-paths in semi-finishing operations.


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