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Bachelor's degree thesis #2 (2015-2016)

Cathegory: Bachelor"s degree thesis development

Studies: Bachelor"s Degree in Mechanical Engineering

Title: Study of the influence of feedrate on the process of digitizing using conoscopic holography

Description: A conoscopic holography (CH) sensor is a kind of high precision non-contact digitizing technology which can be used for inspection or reverse engineering processes. The points acquiring frequency of a CH sensor may be adjusted from 50 up to 9000 points per second. When a complete digitizing of a surface is required, the sensor should be moved over the surface according to its extension. This can be performed statically, so that each point is captured once the sensor has stopped over the position (discrete scanning) or it is also possible to take the points at the same time that the sensor is moving along a scanning path (continuous scanning). Although the latter method is much faster, nevertheless the data of a point is in fact the average of data taken from the points along the distance travelled by the sensor during the capture period. Therefore, it is likely that feederate has an important influence on scanning results and that is the main point to analyse in this thesis.


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