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Bachelor's degree thesis #3 (2015-2016)

Cathegory: Bachelor"s degree thesis development

Studies: Bachelor"s Degree in Mechanical Engineering

Title: Influence of alignment entities on the inspection of complex surfaces by means of conoscopic holography

Description: The conoscopic holography (CH) is a non-contact digitizing technology capable of taking point clouds from a part surface and using them to generate a digital representation of the part. It is feasible to perform the inspection of the surface based on this representation to find out both geometrical and dimensional defects, but this requires to compare the theoretical CAD model to the actual digitized point cloud. One necessary stage in the comparison process depends on the fitting goodness between the CAD model and the digitized point cloud so that both types of entities will share a same coordinates system. The alignment process can be performed either by digitizing external reference elements (i.e. spheres added to the part geometry) or by using entities and elements from the own part. Depending on the elements used, the alignment results will be different in each case and so will be the errors. These type of errors will influence on the inspection process so that even the actual part defects could be magnified. Taking this into account, the present project will begin by digitizing several surfaces and next, different alignment methods will be applied to determine how the inspection process is affected.


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