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A layerwise geometric error compensation procedure for Additive Manufacturing

F. Peña, J.C. Rico, P. Zapico, G. Valiño, S. Mateos

Rapid Prototyping Journal, 30(3), 490-501, 2024


Category: JCR

File download: 10-1108_rpj-04-2023-0144.pdf


Optical characterisation of materials for precision reference spheres for use with structured light sensors

P. Zapico, V.M. Meana, E. Cuesta, G., S. Mateos

Materials, 16(15), 5443, 2023


Category: JCR

File download: 2023_optical_characterisation_of_materials_[zapico]_65c4.pdf


Characterisation of the performance of a structural light digitizing sensor by using different materials and surface finishes

P. Zapico, E. Cuesta, V.M. Meana, G. Suárez, S. Mateos, P. Rodríguez

Key Engineering Materials, 961, 151-159, 2023


Category: JCR


Virtual-point based geometric error compensation model for additive manufacturing machines

P. Zapico; F. Peña; G. Valiño; J. C. Rico; V. M. Meana; S. Mateos

Rapid Prototyping Journal, 29(4), 837-849, 2023


Category: JCR

Related Project: DPI2017-83068-P

File download: 2023_rapid_prototyping_[virtual-point_baesd_geometric][pag.1


Influence of post-processing on the properties of multi-material parts obtained by Material Projection AM

P. Zapico, P. Rodríguez-González, P. Robles-Valero, A. I. Fernández-Abia, J. Barreiro

Polymers, 15(9), 2089, 2023


Category: JCR

File download: polymers-15-02089-v2.pdf


Comparison of Chemical and Mechanical Surface Treatments on Metallic Precision Spheres for Using as Optical Reference Artifacts

V. Meana; E. Cuesta; B.J. Álvarez; S. Giganto; S. Martínez-Pellitero

Materials, 15:3741, 2022


Category: JCR

File download: 2022_materials_[comparison_of_chemical_and_mechanical][pag.1


Proposal of design rules for improving the accuracy of selective laser melting (SLM) manufacturing using benchmarks parts

S. Giganto; S. Martinez-Pellitero; E. Cuesta; P. Zapico; J. Barreiro

Rapid Prototyping Journal, 28(6), 1129-1143, 2022


Category: JCR


Conoscopic Holography feasibility for form error in-situ monitoring in Additive Manufacturing

F. Peña; A. Fernández; P. Zapico; G. Valiño; J. C. Rico

IFAC-PapersOnLine, 55 (10), 1031-1036, 2022


Related Project: DPI2017-83068-P

File download: 2022_ifac_papersonline_[conoscopic_holography_feasibility][p


Novel post-processing procedure to enhance casting molds manufactured by binder jetting AM

P. Rodríguez-González, P. Zapico, P. E. Robles-Valero, J. Barreiro

Additive Manufacturing, 59(A), 103142, 2022


Category: JCR

File download: 1-s2.0-s2214860422005310-main.pdf


Metrology Benchmarking of 3D Scanning Sensors Using a Ceramic GD&T-Based Artefact

E. Cuesta; V. Meana; B.J. Álvarez; S. Giganto; S. Martínez-Pellitero

Sensors, 22:8596, 2022


Category: JCR

File download: 2022_sensors_[metrology_benchmarking_of_3d_scanning][pag.1].


On-machine non-contact roughness verification system based on Conoscopic holography

Pablo Zapico, Gonzalo Valiño, J. Carlos Rico, Víctor M. Meana, Pedro Fernández

Precision Engineering, 73, 115–127, 2022


Category: JCR

Related Project:DPI2017-83068-P

File download: 2022_preciseng_d-21-00147_[on-machine_non-contact_roughness_


Influence of 17-4PH stainless steel powder recycling on properties of SLM additive manufactured parts

S. Giganto, S. Martínez-Pellitero, J. Barreiro, P. Zapico

Journal of Materials Research and Technology, 16, 1647-1658, 2022


Category: JCR

File download: 1-s2.0-s2238785421015325-main.pdf


Validation of the sandblasting process in the manufacturing of precision spheres for non-contact metrology

E Cuesta, V Meana, P Pastur, B J Álvarez and P Zapico

IOP Conf. Series: Materials Science and Engineering 1193, 012058, 2021


File download: 2021_iop_1193_012058_[validation_of_the_sandblasting_process


Evaluation of the influence of post-processing on the optical inspection accuracy of additively manufactured parts

S. Giganto; S. Martinez; J. Barreiro; E. Cuesta

IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering, 1193, 012062, 2021


File download: 2021_evaluation_of_the_influence_[giganto].pdf


Feasibility analysis of using machinable glass ceramics to manufacture non-contact measurement approach metrological artefacts

P Zapico, B J Alvarez, V Meana, A Telenti and E Cuesta

IOP Conf. Series: Materials Science and Engineering 1193, 012063, 2021


File download: 2021_iop_1193_012063_[feasibility_analysis_of_using_machinab


Contact Image Sensor integration in Fused Filament Fabrication machines for layer inspection

F Peña, J C Rico, G Valiño, P Fernández, V Meana and P Zapico

IOP Conf. Series: Materials Science and Engineering, 1193, 012091, 2021


Related Project:DPI2017-83068-P

File download: 2021_iop_1193_012091_[contact_image_sensor_integration][page


Design and construction of a test bench for the manufacture and on-machine non-contact inspection of parts obtained by Fused Filament Fabrication

F Peña, C Fernández, G Valiño, B J Álvarez, J C Rico and S Mateos

IOP Conf. Series: Materials Science and Engineering, 1193, 012090, 2021


Related Project:DPI2017-83068-P

File download: 2021_iop_1193_012090_[design_and_construction_of_a_test_benc


Layer contour characterization in additive manufacturing through image binarization

D Blanco, A Fernández, P Fernández, B J Álvarez and F Peña

IOP Conf. Series: Materials Science and Engineering,1193, 012067, 2021


Related Project:DPI2017-83068-P

File download: 2021_iop_1193_012067_[layer_contour_characterization][page1]


A procedure to integrate a CIS sensor in an additive manufacturing machine for In-situ digitizing of deposited material layers

Fernando Peña, J. Carlos Rico, Gonzalo Valiño, Pablo Zapico, Víctor M. Meana

IEEE Transactions on Mechatronics



Related Project:DPI2017-83068-P


Testing the Sandblasting Process in the Manufacturing of Reference Spheres for Non-Contact Metrology Applications

Víctor Meana, Eduardo Cuesta and Braulio J. Álvarez

Materials, 14 (18), 5187, 2021

doi: 10.3390/ma14185187

File download: 2021_materials-14-05187_[testing_the_sandblasting_process][p


Viscoelastic Behaviour of Flexible Thermoplastic Polyurethane Additively-Manufactured Parts: Influence of Inner-Structure Design Factors

P. Fernández, D. Blanco, P. Fernández-Álvarez, J. González, N. Beltrán

Polymers, 13, 2365, 2021



Related Project:DPI2017-83068-P

File download: polymers_2021_13_2365_[viscoelast_beh_am_parts][page_1].pdf


A Design for Additive Manufacturing Strategy for Dimensional and Geometrical Quality Improvement of PolyJet-Manufactured Glossy Cylindrical Features

N. Beltrán, B. J. Álvarez, D. Blanco, F. Peña, P. Fernández

Polymers, 13(7), p. 1132, 2021



Related Project:DPI2017-83068-P

File download: polymers_2021_131_01132_[dfam_dim_quality][page_1].pdf


The Influence of Image Processing and Layer-to-Background Contrast on the Reliability of Flatbed Scanner-Based Characterisation of Additively Manufactured Layer Contours

D. Blanco; P. Fernández; A. Fernández; B. J. Álvarez; J. C. Rico

Applied Sciences, 11(1), p. 178, 2021



Related Project:DPI2017-83068-P

File download: appsc_2021_11_178_[image_proc_flatbed_scan_am][page_1].pdf


Estimation and Improvement of the Achievable Tolerance Interval in Material Extrusion Additive Manufacturing through a Multi-State Machine Performance Perspective

N. Beltrán, B. J. Álvarez, D. Blanco, A. Noriega, P. Fernández

Applied Sciences, 11(12), p. 5321, 2021



Related Project:DPI2017-83068-P

File download: appsc_2021_11_5321_[estim_improv_tol_am][page_1].pdf


Analysis of Modern Optical Inspection Systems for Parts Manufactured by Selective Laser Melting

Sara Giganto, Susana Martínez-Pellitero, Eduardo Cuesta, Víctor M. Meana and Joaquín Barreiro

Sensors, 20, 3202, 2020


File download: 2020_sensors-20-03202_[analysis_of_modern_optical_inspection


Laser line scanner aptitude for the measurement of Selective Laser Melting parts

E. Cuesta, S. Giganto, B. J. Álvarez, J. Barreiro, S. Martínez-Pellitero, V. Meana

Optics and Lasers in Engineering, 138, 2021


File download: optlas_2021_138_106406_[laser_line_sc_slm_parts][page_1].pdf


Layer Contour Verification in Additive Manufacturing by Means of Commercial Flatbed Scanners

D. Blanco, P. Fernández, A. Noriega, B. J. Álvarez, G. Valiño

Sensors, 20(1), 2020



Related Project:DPI2017-83068-P

File download: sensors_2020_20_1_[layer_contour_verif_am][page_1].pdf


Analysis of post-processing influence on the geometrical and dimensional accuracy of selective laser melting parts

E. Cuesta, B. J. Álvarez, P. Zapico, S. Giganto

Rapid Prototyping Journal, 26(10), pp. 1713-1722, 2020


File download: rapidprotyp_2020_26_1713-1722_[geo_and_dim_accuracy_of_slm_p


Dimensional and Geometrical Quality Enhancement in Additively Manufactured Parts: Systematic Framework and A Case Study

N. Beltrán, D. Blanco, B. J. Álvarez, A. Noriega, P. Fernández

Materials, 12, 3937, 2019



Related Project:DPI2017-83068-P

File download: materials_2019_12_3937_[d&g_quality_in_am_parts][page_1].pdf


Metrological evaluation of laser scanner integrated with measuring arm using optical feature-based gauge

E. Cuesta, B.J. Alvarez, S. Martinez-Pellitero, J. Barreiro, H. Patiño

Optics and Lasers in Engineering, 121, 120-132, 2019


Category: JCR

File download: 2019_metrological_evaluation_of_laser_[cuesta].pdf


Dimensional accuracy analysis of Direct Metal Printing machine focusing on roller positioning errors

E. Cuesta, A. Gesto, B. J. Álvarez, S. Martínez-Pellitero, P. Zapico, S. Giganto

Procedia Manufacturing, 41, pp. 2-9, 2019


File download: procmanuf_2019_41_2-9_[dim_accuracy_direct_metal_printing][p


Capability of conoscopic holography for digitizing and measuring of layer thickness on PLA parts built by FFF

G. Valiño; J. C. Rico; P. Fernández; Braulio J. Álvarez; Y. Fernández

Procedia Manufacturing, 41, pp.129-136, 2019


Related Project:DPI2017-83068-P

File download: procmanuf_2019_41_129-136_[capability_of_ch_for_thickness_pl


CNC centralized control for digitizing freeform surfaces by means of a conoscopic holography sensor integrated in a machining centre

P. Zapico; H. Patiño; G. Valiño; P. Fernández; J.C. Rico

Precision Engineering (ISSN: 0141-6359); 55, pp. 474-483, 2018



Related Project:DPI2012-30987

File download: preeng_2019_55_474-483_[cnc_centralized_control][page_1]_60f


New procedure for qualification of structured light 3D scanners using an optical feature-based gauge

S. Martinez-Pellitero; E. Cuesta; S. Giganto; J. Barreiro

Optics and Laser in Engineering. Elsevier, 110, 193-206, 2018


Category: JCR

File download: 2018_new_procedure_for_qualification_[pellitero].pdf


A Gaussian filtering method to reduce directionality on high-density point clouds digitized by a conoscopic holography sensor

H. Patiño; P. Zapico; J.C. Rico; P. Fernández; G. Valiño

Precision Engineering (ISSN: 0141-6359); 54, pp. 91-98, 2018



Related Project:DPI2012-30987

File download: preeng_2018_54_91-98_[gaussian_filtering][page_1].pdf


Knowledge base model for automatic probe orientation and configuration planning with CMMs

S. Martinez-Pellitero; J. Barreiro; A.I. Fernandez-Abia; E. Cuesta

Robotics and Computer-Integrated Manufacturing, 49, 285-300, 2018



File download: 2018_knowledge_base_model_for_automatic_[pellitero].pdf


Extrinsic calibration of a conoscopic holography system integrated in a CMM

P. Zapico; P. Fernández; J.C. Rico; G. Valiño; H. Patiño

Precision Engineering (ISSN: 0141-6359); 52, pp. 484-493, 2018



Related Project:DPI2012-30987

File download: preeng_2018_52_484-493_[extrinsic_calibraion][page_1].pdf


Conoscopic Holography Systematic Error Processing by Means of Gaussian Filters

P. Zapico; H. Patiño; P. Fernández; G. Valiño; J.C. Rico

Procedia Manufacturing (ISSN: 2351-9789); 13, pp. 426-433, 2017


Related Project:DPI2012-30987

File download: promfg_2017_13_426-433_[page_1].pdf


Cutting-tool wear characterization by means of conoscopic holography

P. Zapico; D. Blanco; C. Cuervo; G. Valiño; J.C. Rico

Procedia Manufacturing (ISSN: 2351-9789); 13, pp. 13-20, 2017


Related Project:DPI2012-30987

File download: promfg_2017_13_13-20_[page_1].pdf


Influence of Scanning Strategies on Measuring and Surface Digitizing by Means of a Conoscopic Holography Sensor Integrated in a Machining Centre

G. Valiño; J. C. Rico; P. Zapico; P. Fernández.

International Journal of Mechatronics and Manufacturing Systems (ISSN print: 1753-1039) (ISSN online: 1753-1047); 10 (2), pp. 167-183, 2017.


Related Project:DPI2012-30987

File download: injmech_2017_10_167-183[page_1].pdf


Measurement and correction of the slope angle of flat surfaces digitized by a conoscopic holography system

G. Valiño, P. Zapico, P. Fernández, J.C. Rico, S. Mateos, D. Blanco.

Precision Engineering (ISSN: 0141-6359); 46, pp. 369-376, 2016.



Related Project:DPI2012-30987

File download: preeng_2016_46_369-376_[ch_slope_angle][page_1].pdf


Testing Coordinate Measuring Arms with a geometric feature-based gauge: In-situ field trials

E. Cuesta, B.J. Alvarez, H. Patiño, A. Telenti, J. Barreiro

IOP Conf. Series: Measurement Science and Technology, 27(5), 055003, 2016


File download: 2016_testing_coordinate_measurement_[cuesta].pdf


Adjustment recommendations of a Conoscopic Holography sensor for a reliable scanning of surfaces with roughness grades obtained by different processes

J. C. Rico, G. Valiño, P. Fernández, P. Zapico, D. Blanco, S. Mateos.

Precision Engineering (ISSN: 0141-6359); 42, pp. 335-345, 2015



Related Project:DPI2012-30987

File download: preeng_2015_42_335-345_[ch_roughness][page1].pdf


Influence of part material and sensor adjustment on the quality of digitized point-clouds using conoscopic holography

D. Blanco, G. Valiño, P. Fernández, J. C. Rico, S. Mateos.

Precision Engineering (ISSN: 0141-6359), 42, pp. 42-45, 2015



Related Project:DPI2012-30987

File download: preeng_2015_42_42-52_[ch_materials][page_1].pdf


Influence of Surface Location within Depth of Field on Measuring by a Conoscopic Holography Sensor Integrated in a Machining Centre

G. Valiño, J.C. Rico, P. Zapico, P. Fernández, S. Mateos.

Procedia Engineering (ISSN: 1877-7058), 132, pp. 832-839, 2015


Related Project:DPI2012-30987

File download: proceng_2015_132_832-839_[ch_dof_in_mc]-page_1.pdf


KBE rules oriented to resources management in coordinates inspection by contact

J. Barreiro; S. Martínez-Pellitero; E. Cuesta; A.I. Fernández-Abia

Journal of Manufacturing Systems, 37, 149-163, 2015



File download: 2015_kbe_rules_oriented_to_resources_[pellitero].pdf


A Comparison between Discrete and Continuous Scanning with Conoscopic Holography

P. Zapico, P. Fernández, D. Blanco, G. Valiño, J.C. Rico.

Procedia Engineering (ISSN: 1877-7058), 132, pp. 840-847, 2015.


Related Project:DPI2012-30987

File download: proceng_2015_132_840-847_[ch_discrete_vs_continuous_scanning


Sensor Prototype to Evaluate the Contact Force in Measuring with Coordinate Measuring Arms

E. Cuesta; A. Telenti; H. Patiño; D. Gonzalez-Madruga; S. Martinez-Pellitero

Sensors, 15(6), 13242-13257, 2015


Category: JCR

File download: 2015_sensor_prototyping_to_evaluate_[cuesta].pdf


Influence of Surface Position along the Working Range of Conoscopic Holography Sensors on Dimensional Verification of AISI 316 Wire EDM Machined Surfaces

P. Fernández, D. Blanco, J. C. Rico, G. Valiño, S. Mateos.

Sensors (ISSN: 1424-8220), 14(3), pp. 4495-4512, 2014


Related Project:DPI2012-30987

File download: sensors_14_2014_04495-04512_[page_1].pdf


Influence of Human factor in the AACMM performance: a new evaluation methodology

D. Gonzalez-Madruga; J. Barreiro; E. Cuesta; S. Martinez-Pellitero

International Journal of Precision Engineering and Manufacturing, 15(7), 1283-1291, 2014


Category: JCR

File download: 2014_influence_of_human_factor_in_the_aacmm_[gonzalez].pdf


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